Rehabilitation of industrial areas

Recovering spaces

Atrasol proposes its skills for rehabilitation and revalorization of polluted industrial sites and can manage all steps of a development project:

  • diagnostic
  • soil and water survey
  • remediation plan
  • development plan
  • permitting
  • identification of partners and sources of financing
  • negociations with public authorities
  • terms of reference
  • selection of contractors and follow-up of works :
  • demolition
  • deconstruction
  • valorization of materials
  • soil and water remediation in a BATNEEC approach
  • containment
  • viabilization
  • structures…

Landfill construction and rehabilitation

Landfills qualified expertise

Atrasol has developed a reliable experience for construction of controlled landfills and related infrastructures as sorting and composting plants, leachate treatment plants and biogaz valorization.

Our engineers manage the solid waste plans, infrastructures studies, follow-up of the construction works, environmental follow-up and technical assistance for operation.

Atrasol also manages all operations related to controlled and uncontrolled landfill rehabilitation and hazardous/non-hazardous industrial dumps remediation, from preliminary studies to final environmental project, through rehabilitation works, material valorization (landfill mining), leachate collection and biogas valorization.

Solid Waste Valorisation

From wastes to valuable products

Atrasol takes into account all steps of solid waste recycling and valorization projects (urban wastes, hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes, hospital wastes, green waste and biomass, demolition and construction wastes, polluted soils, urban and industrial sludge, refused derived fuels…)

We are convinced that wastes represent now real resources.

We search the best technical and economical valorization solutions taking into account the existing context. Our approach is based on good industrial practises, new systems as C2C (cradle to cradle), zero emission, LCA (life cycle analysis), LCC (life cycle costs) or according industrial ecology principles.

We currently focus our skills on industrial landfill mining solutions with several projects at international level.

Our experience with multicriteria analysis allows us to select the best valorization projects in a sustainable point of view.

Geology & Geotechnics

Rock solid & reliable partner

Atrasol realises, supervises and reviews studies and surveys related to earth science and civil engineering:

  • geology
  • engineering geology
  • hydrogeology
  • geophysical surveys
  • geotechnics (soil and rock mechanics)
    for infrastructure works as:
  • dams
  • tunnels
  • hydropower plants
  • roads
  • controlled landfills
  • industrial areas…

Economic Intelligence

Supporting your economic development

Atrasol proposes confidential consultancy missions related to economic development, business development, market survey and prospective in the fields of industry, civil engineering & environmental engineering.
Please contact us for more informations.

Deeply involved in the Rawfill project

One step ahead towards Landfill Mining !

Atrasol sprl is proud to participate to the Interreg North-West Europe project RAWFILL.

RAWFILL (“Supporting a new circular economy for RAW materials recovered from landFILLs”) is a EU-funded and Walloon co-funded landfill mining project gathering partners and associated partners of EU NWE regions and supported by EURELCO organisation.

The ultimate goal of RAWFILL is to allow NWE public & private landfills owners & managers to implement profitable resource-recovery driven landfill mining projects.

 RAWFILL develops a cost-effective standard landfill inventory framework (EIF) based on existing inventories and experiences, an innovative landfill characterization methodology by geophysical imaging and guided sampling and an associated Decision Support Tool (DST) to allow smart LFM project prioritization. The whole concept will be demonstrated in 2 pilot sites in Flanders and France from 2017 to 2020.

Total budget received from Interreg North-West Europe (2014 – 2020) : €2,29 millions of ERDF.
Total project budget : €3,8 millions.

More informations :