Some recent missions

Please find hereunder some informations about our most significant (and non-confidential) recent activities.
Should you require more informations about these projects, do not hesitate to get in touch with us !

Revamping AIVE landfill gas collection network


Atrasol is in charge of the revamping project of Habay controlled landfill for intermunicipality AIVE.

Optimisation of household waste separate collection

AenergYes (now Atrasol) developed for Walloon intermunicipality INTRADEL a multi-criteria analysis tool allowing comparison (municipality by municipality) of scenarios of selective collection of household waste taking into account economic, social and environmental aspects.

Atrasol participate in the INTERREG NWE RAWFILL project


Renaud De Rijdt will be deeply involved in INTERREG NWE RAWFILL project.
Please find more information about the kick-off event on 7th June 2017 at this link.