Some recent missions

Please find hereunder some informations about our most significant (and non-confidential) recent activities.
Should you require more informations about these projects, do not hesitate to get in touch with us !

Map of soil receiving sites in Wallonia

Atrasol has created a platform for the management of excavated soil in accordance with the new Walloon legislation:
The maps can be viewed free of charge, the Pro version allows you to
find the cheapest outlets near your site

Carbon footprint of rehabilitation works

Spaque entrusted Atrasol with the implementation of the calculation of the greenhouse gas emissions assessment of its rehabilitation sites.

Map of sites with biomass potential

The platform set up as part of the Interreg New-C-Land project is operational. It lists the abandoned agricultural sites with biomass potential and the recoverers of this biomass on the 3 slopes of Flanders / Wallonia / France.